Development Process

We at Shreeji Creation Web Solutions follow a development process that is distinct in its own way. We have a meticulous line of action that is followed. The development process is initiated with the pre sales process. This is that time period, when the sales team discusses the details about the application. During this phase, the sales team with the help of the analysis team, generates a requirement specification, making sure that the exact requirement of the client is understood. Based on these details they provide the timeline and cost estimates.

Once the project is confirmed, we go into the post sales process phases. This comprises of the following steps:

  • Detailed requirement gathering,
  • Architecture Design,
  • Graphic Design,
  • Application development,
  • Alpha release,
  • Beta Release,
  • Deployment and Internet marketing of the Application.

All the steps are followed in a strict order to create absolute perfection. Although all the steps are equally important but we make sure that once the entire application is successfully developed and is live for the general public, we make sure that this application is also marketed well. This is considered an important part of the site development since this results in the generation of business leads. Hence our development process is distinct and a real hit.