Search Engine Optimization(SEO)

The key to generating revenue on the internet is awareness – guaranteeing that your message is heard loud and clear by the people who want your goods and services. Bond Media is adept at boosting online business visibility by revolutionising everything from the code and structure of your website to its content and the creation of those all important links – the four pillars of SEO.

Below are just some of the commercial benefits our seo services can offer your business:


Search engines direct literally millions of potential customers in your sector every day, and the aim of SEO is to have them pointing towards your website. Whether we’re designing and developing your website from scratch or giving your site a makeover our SEO strategies are tantamount to a full-scale advertising campaign, ensuring that search spiders find you and push exactly the right kind of traffic in your direction: interested potential customers with money to spend.


To have a high-ranking website in a search engine’s results page is synonymous with credibility, reliability and size in the eyes of the buying public – all essential to gaining a customers’ trust and therefore their business. Your website can not only achieve greater traffic and turnover from having a successfully optimised site, it can benefit from an explosion in brand exposure as well.


Many SEO campaigns start with a blast of effort and tail off, just like the results. Bond Media are not interested in this flash-in-the-pan approach, we create strategies that will result in long-term business growth from a campaign that is designed to minimise your costs but maximise the impact on your audience.

Social Media Optimization (SMO)

The successful marketing of your online business requires a dynamic approach spanning numerous media, applications and devices. Social Media Optimization (SMO) should be the latest tool in your marketing armoury, exploiting the multi-million strong customer bases of social media websites to convert them into customers, spread excitement and anticipation about product launches and help your brand to blossom.Platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Google +, MySpace and YouTube, to name just a few, are used by millions of people every day, they have become something of an obsession in recent years, and they offer an excellent marketing opportunity because of their size and structure.

Our versatile coordinated campaigns take advantage of all the features of social networking to promote your business to the widest possible audience. The very nature of social networking sites is that they encourage viral contact – the passing on of fun, exiting, entertaining or important information to others – so a single entry can circle the globe with millions of viewers if you get the message right. Developing a corporate identity in this way is inexpensive, far-reaching and proves that your business understands both its market and the platform trend of the day.

This form of marketing is truly democratic, open to all businesses no matter their size because you don’t need a huge publicity budget to generate a buzz in this environment. SMO allows you to engage with potential customers in a totally different way. It enables you to open a dialog with them and to pinpoint your target audience by promoting to or creating Groups within your chosen platform populated by those that are specifically interested in what you have to offer. It is incredibly responsive as new offers, services or products can be promoted instantly. It also has longevity as advertising lasts only as long as you pay for it and today’s PR is tomorrow’s fish and chip packaging but good SMO can domino on for some time.

Whether we are talking about forums or video sharing sites, LinkedIn or MySpace, Shreeji Creation Web’s years of experience in the SMO field means that we know precisely who to target and how to convert their audiences into publicity machines to promote your business. Provide us with content or instruct our copywriters to create a continuous stream of information, comment and news that will keep your social media audience enthralled and have them coming back to your website time and time again.

We have fully embraced this new medium and can create SMO packages tailored to the specific needs of your business whatever its size, sector or budget so that you gain the maximum results for your online promotion.

Shreeji Creation Web Solution has an unmatched appreciation for the contemporary web landscape, therefore not only are we able to create the perfect SMO solution for your business, but we offer numerous complimentary services for your online business including; SEO copywriting, search engine optimisation, design and development, and so much more.